Where others see data, we see human needs and a better world

The Sooon family  was developed to provide seamless  integration possibilities for users and companies to enjoy social media and its different features. Making us unique.

Each application can be used on our main social media platform or independently as per the users wish.

This strategy permits us in reducing ads and persuasive technology .
A platform for junior ( up to 16 years old) linked to parents account without any access to their content .

Our Sooon Identification Technology (SIT), Sooon Anti-violent Content technology (SACT) and Sooon Fact-Checking Technology (SFCT), all integrated in our platforms, apps and Metaverse. Making them the most secured ones, avoiding anonymity , violence, racism, homophobia , cyberbullying, malicious content, harassment, fake news… .

Safety for our users and children  are our main concern and priority. This reenforces our code of conduct measures.

We imagined the future of social media where you can feel the world closer, creating your community and sharing safely your thoughts, your daily life,  culture, art, movies, music, education , games , political opinion, your business, find a job, or simply having fun with your family and friends in respect of values and democracy.

We imagined a new social world based on humane technology for a better world.





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Our main secured platform

Our junior safe platform

The Sooon family

is integrated into Netsooon platform

and can be used through

independent Apps

Educational Program

Beside the software that we developed to alert parents and children if there is any violence or fake news , warn them on how to react to that, we aim to incorporate Netsooon foundation to elaborate an educational program with the help of specialists to offer to schools and companies’ session of information and education about the danger of social media and how to deal with it .

The presidency of the foundation will be given to a prominent person and the board will be composed by doctors , specialist of human behaviour, professors and teachers, politicians sports people and artists.

We will nominate Ambassadors  to promote it in all schools, universities, companies with the support of Ministries of education and governmental organisations.