Where others see data, we see human needs and a better world

We are an European technology and information company, 100% Barthelemy tech Group owned  (www.barthelemytechgroup.com).

We are building technologies to bring people together, creating for them opportunities, connections, building communities.

We offer solutions to create the communication of the future, keeping people safe and well informed.

New generations and teenagers are our priority, we developed for that solutions that can let us put a phone in our children hands minimising all risks.

We developed innovative solutions integrated on our social media platform for our society, families, elder people and juniors, businesses, freelancers, artists…and share friendship safely, business, ideas, jobs, art, music, culture or simply fun.

Our technologies & Innovations

All our innovations are based on humane technology , we develop creative solutions for our well-being, true information, human respect and preserving our democracy .

We are proud to count as one of the top European innovative companies in Artificial intelligence , blockchain, machine learning, VR,AR, specific app development and the future of e-commerce to revive our cities & local businesses .

We reverse all our algorithms for an ethical use

Our Mission

Connecting people .. Social Media platforms became our references of behaving and thinking. We work on a change by reimagining the Future of Social Media platforms exchanging persuasive technology by sharing true information and values with a unique business model.

Making our Social Media platform the real safest and ethical European alternative.

Code of Conduct

As a European company , we agree with the European Union regulations, we believe that users and their data must be protected, making it part of our main mission.

We aim to be the most trustable company in respect to the EU code of conduct , making our platform and applications a safe and ethical innovation.